So, U wanna have ya money back?
Come and get it!

Fill in this form, and we will do all we can to help you!

Remember, you can come individually or as team, but everyone has to fill in this form separately. For more information about our travel reimbursement policy, please check our FAQ at
Please remember, you are allowed to submit this form only once. Make sure you enter all your expenses at the same time!

So if you haven't paid for e.g. the bus, please do not submit this form yet. If you still submit an entry, the first entry will be discarded.
What's your first name? *

Please enter the same name as the one you used to apply for HEX 2018.
Hi there, {{answer_fhh6ikRla1Qf}}! Have you applied for HEX 2018 yet? *

You can do this by filling in the form at
Awesome! Please tell us your last name as well. *

So we can make sure the money ends up in the right pocket
Where do you travel from for HEX, {{answer_fhh6ikRla1Qf}}? *

Please note, that we can only provide you with a refund of up to 15 euros.

Please note, that we can only provide you with a refund of up to 30 euros.

Please note, that we can only provide you with a refund of up to 50 euros.

Please note, that it is possible that we cannot refund any money due to tax-related problems. You can enter your travel receipts anyway, we will do our best!

Alright! What's the requested amount? *

Please fill in the amount in Euros (€) in the form 00.00 and don't forget to take the previous question into consideration!
Thanks, you can add your travel receipts here. *

Only a valid travel receipt will be refunded, of course!
Please add your IBAN or bank account number. *

Don't know what a IBAN number is? Check it here:
That's it!

If you aren't selected for HEX already, we will let you know ASAP if you are. In the meantime, don't forget to like and follow our channels!

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That's too bad, {{answer_fhh6ikRla1Qf}}! Please apply first, before beeing eligible for travel reimbursement.
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Eindhoven?! GREAT! We will not be able to refund any travel reimbursement, but you can always contact us to have a drink before, during or after the event!
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